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Toilet Böys at Whits End

Toilet Böys! Live at Whits End

Come on down and watch the Toilet Böys back at it at Rockaway’s own Whits End! Tickets $30—click here to order! Friday, October 29, 2021—8:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT Doors open at 7:00PM. Show Starts at 8:00PM! 97-04 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Queens, NY 11693

Cardone: All Hail Godzilla!

Cardone: All Hail Godzilla!

This Friday March 26th, at 8 pm est, Reverend Cardone presents his Evening Hour program live on YouTube. This week’s episode is a tribute to the King of all Monsters, Godzilla! In honor of the new film “Godzilla vs Kong” that will be released in the US next week, Cardone will reminisce about his childhood favorite monster and his friends and talk about the cultural impact the Big G has had on planet earth! Episode #47 “All Hail Godzilla!” CARDONE ENTERTAINMENT

Reverend Cardone presents The Satanic Playing Cards

The Satanic Playing Cards

For hundreds of years the “Devil’s Picture Book” has been a phrase used to demean and demonize a simple tool used in a game of chance. We feel that the phase is correct in its vernacular ! Endorsed by The Church of Satan … Reverend Cardone presents “The Satanic Playing Cards” Inspired by the most feared religion on Earth and represented in a full, luxurious pack of playing cards that’s perfect for a game of chance or a bit of sleight of hand magic! -Luxury Box and Cards -Casino Quality -100 backers will get their name in the deck. -Portrait […]

Cardone: Behind the Devil's Curtain III

Cardone: Necromancy and Ventriloquism

Behind the Devils Curtain Episode III Necromancy and Ventriloquism Learn the basics of the art of Ventriloquism and its occult history this Friday, November 13, 2020 @ 8pm. Cardone Entertainment Youtube Live!  Reverend Cardone presents a program where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, and the art of real magic all come together in this brand new live show.  

Cardone: Transylvania Adventure

Cardone: Transylvania Adventure

Friday Oct 30 8pm EST  Live on Youtube Cardone Entertainment Reverend Cardone presents a new show where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, symbolism, and mythology become real magic. The second  episode is the Transylvania Adventure! Friday October 30th. 8 pm EST The Devils Night! View Transylvania Adventure

Cardone: Behind the Devil's Curtain

CARDONE: Behind the Devil’s Curtain

Friday Oct 16 @ 8pm EST Live on Youtube Cardone Entertainment  Reverend Cardone presents a new show where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, symbolism, and mythology become real magic. The first episode is on the Tarot! Friday October 16th @ 8 pm EST

Cardone The Magician

Reverend Cardone teaches a free course on Magic on Youtube this Friday!

Reverend Cardone will be teaching a free course on Magic, psychology and sleight of hand this Friday on Youtube live at 8:00 pm EST! In this course the students will lean what it takes to be a master magician! Most people think that learning the trick is all it takes to fool an audience but Cardone will teach the real secrets that can’t be bought in a magic store.   Sleight of hand, timing, voice  and speech, pantomime, psychology, magic history, and the basics of theatre arts will be taught to make you not only a magician, but a master […]