Cardone The Magician

Reverend Cardone teaches a free course on Magic on Youtube this Friday!

Reverend Cardone will be teaching a free course on Magic, psychology and sleight of hand this Friday on Youtube live at 8:00 pm EST!

In this course the students will lean what it takes to be a master magician!

Most people think that learning the trick is all it takes to fool an audience but Cardone will teach the real secrets that can’t be bought in a magic store.  

Sleight of hand, timing, voice  and speech, pantomime, psychology, magic history, and the basics of theatre arts will be taught to make you not only a magician, but a master entertainer. 

Beware , some of the tricks taught will be easy but some will require serious practice. 

I encourage you to ask questions via messages during the lecture and I  will make sure I get them all. 

See you October 2nd! 

Here is the List:

-Playing Cards- any type but Bicycle brand is the best for this class. You need a pack of cards for this class. 

-Quarters, or half dollars

-A note book and pencil.

-a quiet area with internet access

(Cell phone, IPad, etc.)

Cardone has been performing and teaching  magic on a professional level for 30 years and holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from Carnegie Mellon University.

My YouTube channel: Cardone The Magician