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Faces Of Horror

Faces of Horror by Marquis H. K. and Simon Gilberthorpe

Faces of Horror: A Lifetime of inspiration and everlasting impact by Marquis H. K., Simon Gilberthorpe While there have been many horror books of an encyclopedic nature that have served as academic studies, this instead serves as a homage to what has made an impact on the authors from a very young age to the present day. It would be a futile exercise to try and cover absolutely everything that has inspired us over the years—it’s just not possible. There are indeed some favorite titles that are absent from these pages. What we’ve instead attempted is to document the titles in […]

Satanists on Cinema – Top 5 Halloween Films

Join Tonight Monday, 26 October at 6pm MST Live on YouTube     It’s Halloween month and this season offers too many films for any one person to re-watch, so Satanist Cameron John and Reverend Campbell distilled their favorites into 4 categories. Tonight they will present you with each of their Top 5 Halloween Films! Join live in chat and share yours!   Don’t Forget to Watch The Past Halloween Season Top 5’s:   Subscribe on YouTube: Email Signup: Learn more about Satanists on Cinema:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Vodevil: a Collection of Erotic Horrors by Joshua Laing Heavily inspired by slasher films and heavy metal, Vodevil is a gore-filled collection of sexually-charged horror. “Mother” and “Eternal” take us back to the farm, where we meet two individual Australian farm boys, neither of whom will allow anything to stop them from reaping the harvest of their darkest desires. Evil clowns that seem to never die or lose their erections hunt in the shadows of “ Plight of the Pallid” and “Gore Splattered Greasepaint.” You’ll also have your imagination assaulted throughout these pages by wolves, bugs, and a fed-up husband […]

Join Citizen Texxx and Magister David Harris as they discuss their respect for the Nightmare on Elm Street films, Robert Englund, and much more. (Source: