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William Mortensen "Mary Magdalene The Sinner" 1927 from The King of Kings book commissioned by Cecil B DeMille at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

A Celebration of the 125th Birthday of America’s Visionary Photographic Artist WILLIAM MORTENSEN.

Image: William Mortensen “Mary Magdalene The Sinner” 1927 from The King of Kings book commissioned by Cecil B DeMille at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston William Mortensen at 125 – a multi-venue celebration of the 125th birthday of on America’s – and history’s – greatest visionary photographic artist. William Mortensen (January 27, 1897 – August 12, 1965) was an American photographic artist, who first gained acclaim for his Hollywood portraits in the 1920s in the Pictorialist style and later for viscerally manipulated photography, often touching on themes of the occult. Venues paying tribute: Heritage Museum of Orange County, Santa Ana CA, […]

Romano: The Devils Reign Virtual Gallery

The Devils Reign Virtual Gallery

Stephen Romano, with the assistance of the Reverend Andy Howl, has created a virtual gallery based on The Devils Reign exhibition of 2016 in honor of this Walpurgisnacht: the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan and the 20th anniversary of Peter H. Gilmore becoming its High Priest. Special thanks to Katie Doherty, for helping to maintain the integrity of the project by releasing it on her platform, BLACKFLOWERS. You may view it here.

Wicked Walpurgisnacht

Wicked Walpurgisnacht!

This year’s holiday marks the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan, and my 20th anniversary of becoming its High Priest. It has been my honor to guide this organization into the 21st Century, maintaining the unadulterated legacy of our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, in a trajectory that both expands and enhances his vision for the world’s first carnal religion. My focus emphasizes the radical individualism that is the heart of Satanism. My method is to both cultivate and inspire our exemplary members to show the validity of our perspective via their own unique achievements. Our members […]

Stephen Romano Living Gallery Third Eye Feature

Stephen Romano Gallery at the Living Gallery NYC: OPENING OF THE THIRD EYE

October 3 – 7 2018 The Living Gallery NYC – Opening of the Third Eye reception with performance by Natsumi Goldfish October 4th, 6 -10pm Stephen Romano Gallery is please to announce a four person exhibition of the works of Natsumi Goldfish, Alexis Palmer Karl, Daniel Goncalves and Barry William Hale at the Living Gallery Outpost on the Lower East side in New York City. The exhibition’s theme will be further asserted with the inclusion of historical and vernacular images and objects including works by Jacob Bohme, Karl Kohl, Burt Shonberg, Jack Edwards, Darcilio Lima, Wolfgang Grasse, William Mortensen, spirit […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Stephen Romano Gallery Presents: “GENUS SORORUM"  Stephen Romano Gallery is pleased to present "GENUS SORORUM” in association with The Living Gallery Outpost in New York’s Lower East Side, an exhibition of images and works by artists which deal with themes of witchcraft, magic, esoterica, alchemy, spells, conjuring, divination, incantation, necromancy, occultism, theosophy, prophecy, soothsaying, sorcery, thaumaturgy, voodoo, abracadabra and hocus-pocus, all for the purpose of opening your third eye. All of the living artists in the exhibition are women. Any other objects or ephemera are by deceased or unknown makers who are presumed deceased. “I think that all women are […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

William Mortensen featured at this year’s DARK MOFO festival in Tasmania THE FIRST MAJOR EXHIBITION OF WILLIAM MORTENSEN’S ART OUTSIDE OF THE USA May 28, 2018. The photographic art of William Mortensen (1897-1965) will be featured at this year’s DARK MOFO festival in Tasmania as part of curator Brenden Walls’ INVISIBLE HOUSE exhibition at the Salamanca Arts Centre (13-24 June, 2018, Hobarth, Tasmania, Australia). The exhibition is comprised of 30 works from the collection of the Stephen Romano Gallery, many of which are exhibited publicly for the first time ever, as they were recently acquired from the estate of William […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

INVISIBLE HOUSE at DARK MOFO Tasmania featuring William Mortensen  13 – 24 June 2018, Hobarth, Tasmania, Australia. Dark Mofo, Mona’s winter festival, delves into centuries old solstice rituals, exploring the links between ancient and contemporary mythology, humans and nature, religious and secular traditions, darkness and light, and birth, death and renewal. Since inception in 2013, the festival has grown to attract over 400,000 attendances and more than 80,000 tickets sold to events last year. INVISIBLE HOUSE PROGRAM curated by Brendan Walls The program BRENDAN WALLS Medium: Sound, Altars, light, gorse, salt, field recordings, viola, percussion. BARRY WILLIAM HALE/NOKO Medium: Sound, […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Stephen Romano & Morbid Anatomy at Green-Wood Cemetery  Greetings: I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in this exhibition and incredible event!  I will be contributing works by Wolfgang Grasse, the MASTERPIECE “ "Merry – Go – Round” (illustrated below) as well as works by Olga Frobe Kapteyn and an anonymous Masonic Lodge painting of Father Time.   The exhibition is open Saturday and Sundays 12 – 5 through June 24 and is free.  From Morbid Anatomy’s founder and creative director Joanna Ebenstein: Morbid Anatomy Residency at Brooklyn’s Historic Green-Wood Cemetery! The residency will be housed in The Cemetery’s city […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Stephen Romano Gallery Banned From Facebook For Artwork  From Disinfo: Dealer, collector and curator of Outsider, Visionary, Esoteric and Occult Art, STEPHEN ROMANO GALLERY, in an effort to promote artist INDIA EVANS in his booth at SCOPE ART FAIR 2018 has been BANNED from FACEBOOK  for 30 days for posting a link to a feature on the artist’s work on DISINFO.  This follows FACEBOOK’s absurd banning as pornograhic one of the world’s oldest known works of art the Venus of Willendorf, Stephen Romano, who has been banned before for posting works by WILLIAM MORTENSEN from the 1920’s said “Oh well, […]