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Catholic Bishop: “No Purpose” in Responsibility for Crimes

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible—perhaps one of the reasons Satanism ought indeed be feared by Christianity and its ilk? No magic words to make personal responsibility go away (Priests and Absolution), and no vicarious human sacrifice (Jesus and Redemption), just reality and accountability. They might rightly be afraid of coming out from hiding behind the heavily embroidered frocks of their Church and taking ownership of their own actions. The warped morals of the religious right have too long been accepted as presented, in all their self-assigned sanctimony. Finally, sanity in the world is gaining momentum, and those long-standing institutions of hypocrisy and […]

Ebola & the Hubris of Altruism

A 33-year-old doctor in Africa and a 60-year-old missionary have both contracted Ebola, and both will likely die. In a made-for-tv-movie scenario, there’s ~only enough serum for one person~ so the doctor insists it go to the old lady. People are using this to illustrate how awesome and selfless the doctor is, saying that Even Now he “puts the needs of others above his own needs.” I, on the other hand, think this is a rotten stinking act of hubris. As a DOCTOR, he is far more valuable to the African people, and as such HE should get the serum. […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

POTUS: Ban Childhood Marriage

During a U.S.-Africa Summit on Tuesday, President Obama called for a ban on child marriage, which is still practiced within 15 of Africa’s borders. This issue immediately calls to mind two of our Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth: "Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal,” and, "Do not harm little children.“ Since Satanism advocates only those freedoms that respect the freedoms of others, we reserve a special hatred for rape, pedophilia, and animal abuse. These forms of abuse can irreparably damage the magic of the Will, the imagination, and the capacity to evolve—especially for a younger […]