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Reverend Count MoriVond reads Satanic Aesthetics

Reverend Count MoriVond reads “Satanic Aesthetics” by Peter H. Gilmore

Satanism and Realism, Naturalism, Romanticism, Expressionism, Idealism, Surrealism. The High Priest discusses the schools of these select art disciplines as they pertain to the religious philosophy of Satanism. DRACONIAN RADIO BROADCAST PULPIT is the clerical corner for the Alien Elite on The Internet where I read authentic Satanic canon, approved and sanctioned by the administrators of the Church of Satan. To show your support become a patron:​.​ For more readings of this work from my “Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit” check in Sunday evenings.

Nouvelle Catharsis by Bloody Jerry


Satanist Bloody Jerry is proud to announce his second book Nouvelle Catharsis—a collection of German Poetry. Structured in three chapters (Pathogenesis, Klinik and Therapeutikum), he offers an introspective journey through his own catharsis. Thus, you are cordially invited to accompany him on the glamourous and sleazy paths of literature. Inspired by the Satanic motives “Solve et Coagula,” the mythological Phoenix and Bertolt Brecht’s theory of drama; he championed and overcame his own demons and offers Inspiration for the reader’s own metamorphosis. Stylistic, it lingers somewhere between Dandyism, Expressionism and Surrealistic metaphors. The eBook version consists of 325 poems and various […]

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Occulture:  Carl Jung – Myth Maker Online Lecture Jan 14th   Magister Carl Abrahamsson’s Occulture online lecture series moves on. The next subject will be Carl Jung – Myth Maker. In the development of concepts like the “archetypes” and the “collective unconscious”, Carl Jung not only looked at isolated myths in themselves but also at their artistic expressions. He claimed that there is an impulse-generating layer in the psyche that is shared by all human beings and that can be directly accessed through introspection, dreams, the study of myths and personal, artistic work. A certain culture can possess a more rational […]

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Speak of the Devil: V Holeček Wednesday, August 9th / 7pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews V Holeček. He is a contemporary artist, working in colored pencils and acrylic paint. His work is grounded in Central/Eastern-European and American dark surrealism. Join us live as we discuss his history with Satanism, artistic inspirations and the life of an artist. You can learn more about V Holeček and view his artwork on his website Sign Up to the Email List. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Give a Rating & Review. Hail Satan! —Reverend Campbell

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Stephen Kasner: Capture & Release Cleveland Exhibit and Interview Stephen Kasner talks to Cleveland Scene magazine about overcoming his medical and emotional challenges and his current exhibit at Hedge Art Gallery in Cleveland. The reports of Stephen Kasner’s death have been greatly exaggerated. While Kasner disappeared from the scene for several years due to health issues and the nightmare of what it’s like to be uninsured, his work is healthier than ever. His ethereal paintings and mixed-media pieces, always prone to leaving viewers’ jaws agape, are taking on new life at a fresh Hedge Gallery exhibition. Read the full interview […]

Surrealistic Inspiration for Satanists

As an artist, I often compare our legitimate claim to Satanism as similar to the Impressionists’ embrace of a label that had previously been intended as an accusation. But our proactive stance in defining Satanism is also reflected in the foundational text of my favorite artistic movement: “Those who might dispute our right to employ the term SURREALISM in the very special sense that we understand it are being extremely dishonest, for there can be no doubt that this word had no currency before we came along. Therefore, I am defining it once and for all…” —André Breton, The Surrealist […]