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“LaVey stages a phantasmagoric spectacle at one of his witches’ workshops. Perhaps the one holding demon mask against face should be identified as a witch-warlock, for he-she is a trans-sexual. Church of Satan welcomes rather than condemns such deviators from socially accepted sexual roles.”

A Redhead Named Peggy—Transgenderism and the Church of Satan

A Redhead Named Peggy Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of Satan, addresses transgender individuals and Satanism in this essay. The Church of Satan has always welcomed LGBTQ individuals. Our featured image and its caption appeared in The Devil’s Avenger (1974). The picture was taken in the ritual chamber of the The Black House during a Witches’ Workshop during the late 1960s.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Wicked Walpurgisnacht!  The High Priest and I extend our warmest wishes for Walpurgisnacht to Satanists everywhere, and to the world at large. Tonight we celebrate over five decades of standing against herd conformity and thought, and against the strictures of slave religions that wish to tell their constituents who they should and must be.  It’s been a long, cold winter here in the Northeast where we make our home. Now that the ice and snow have let go their hold on our natural environment, it’s impossible not to notice the annual signs of renewal and how they inspire our own […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Transitioning to a Better World?  When one of my children identified as coming out as trans, among my first emotions was gratitude. I thought, “At least the world is a safer more accepting place for them right now.“ I was grateful for Caitlyn Jenner being so public about her transition, even though I disagreed with some of her publicity choices—she made her decisions and went for it. And also for my sweet friend Mina Caputo, who shared her very personal journey so openly through her music and interviews. The world isn’t perfect, but it seemed to be getting better. I […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell interviews Evelyn Eve Sunday July 9th, 5:30pm MST Evelyn Eve is a MTF transgender, disabled veteran, writer, housewife, and mother. Her writing has been featured in the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror, Infernal Ink Magazine and The Devil’s Due, a collection of Satanic essays. We will discuss Satanism, writing, family and her transgender identity and discover if and how they inform or reinforce each other. You can learn more about Evelyn’s writing from the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror website, Infernal Ink Magazine on Facebook, her author page on, or her author page […]

Satan Loves Queers

by Witch Josie Gallows an article for The Black Flame—November, LI A.S. Many a street preacher has screamed “God Hates Fags” to pedestrians. Homosexuals and gender outlaws have been the scapegoats of religionists both moderate and extreme, and for thousands of years. As always men make God in their own image, rather than the reverse. It turns out he’s viciously petty and has a stake in the private ongoings of everyone, both great and inconsequential. I think it’s time for the symbolic response that “Satan Loves Queers.” It’s appropriately antagonistic, since many deviants have been compelled to argue within the […]

Raising Hell Episode VIII – Parenting From A Satanic Perspective

R.H. Ep VIII – August 19th, 2015, Militant Eroticism RAISING HELL – “NyQuil and a Closet!” with special guest Aden Ardennes! 1. Grownup Grotto – Transgendered Children2. Handbook for Hellions – Satanic Youth, Militant Eroticism3. Coterie Communique – Asking Thine Enemy… Available on iTunes, Stitcher and Facebook! Hail our Young Ones! Hail Satan! —Citizen Milton Cruver