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Transitioning to a Better World? 

When one of my children identified as
coming out as trans, among my first emotions was gratitude. I thought, “At
least the world is a safer more accepting place for them right now.“ I was
grateful for Caitlyn Jenner being so public about her transition, even though I
disagreed with some of her publicity choices—she made her decisions and went
for it. And also for my sweet friend Mina Caputo, who shared her very personal
journey so openly through her music and interviews
. The world isn’t perfect,
but it seemed to be getting better.

I get it—I know I live in the NYC bubble.
However, my kid does not; they go to school in Texas. But the moment they came
out the school allowed them to use the restroom of their chosen gender and
called them by their chosen name. Texas isn’t known for being progressive, but
the school officials know the law and how to cover their asses. The acceptance
may not be genuine on the part of every staff member, but it’s something—it
means something. Humans are malleable enough that some of them may even change
their feelings, if not their beliefs, due to laws being put in place to protect
people who would otherwise face persecution in the name of…

Two nights ago via social media I read status
updates regarding the recent tweeted decision by our president to no longer
allow trans people to serve in the military
. There was an onslaught of
comments: "Our tax dollars shouldn’t have to pay for these
degenerates…these perverts…these scumbags…these mentally ill…” One
person who tried to defend trans people was met with hateful responses usually
reserved for the anonymity of Twitter. It was like someone opened the door to a
fallout shelter and the worst of the 50’s escaped. In the same way that my
child is kept safe and treated with respect in full view of their
impressionable peers due to a law, another law is provoking venomous ignorance,
fear, and hate in the most public time in human history.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch and
assume that I would ever advocate any law that infringes freedom of speech.
Don’t assume that I don’t understand the difference between a public high
school, which is essentially a government facility, and public forums such as
social media. I will always be one of the first to say, “I do not agree
with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say
it.” By all means, expose your true selves so I know who you are.

My point is that, in a different way than
I used to, I get it. What our leaders say matters and influences us—whether
those leaders are artists and entertainers or government officials—because we
are primarily malleable sheep, whether we like it or not.

Furthermore, I am not afraid of the
uglier side of the true nature of the human animal. The animals I agree with
are ugly too, and their backlash will further incite the changes I want to see
in this world. Changing attitudes takes time, pain and generations to
forget what was. I just hope that my great grandchildren who, if genetics has
anything to do with it a percentage of whom will be queer, will truly
appreciate the freedoms that this era will afford them instead of wasting their
privileges whining about the past.

To the bigoted assholes of the world:
“Keep up the good work!” May your scare tactics and hateful horse shit continue
to shine a spotlight on the continued existence of racism, sexism and
homophobia. You remind those who no longer wish to be distracted from personal
growth and achievement by the outworn morals of imaginary gods that there is
always more work to be done.

—Witch Heather Height