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Listening to Gilbert Gottfried: A Worthwhile Torture

Ever since the launch of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, I have been overwhelmed by a reluctant urge to spread the word. Perhaps unfortunately, I’ve decided that I cannot recommend it highly enough. Gottfried is what some might call “stuck” in the past. In this case, that unfashionable attitude is a Satanic virtue. His guests are showbiz veterans who share his old-fashioned obsessions, often having played a part in that very history. Gottfried and his co-host also review films, a number of which happen to be on the Church of Satan’s recommended viewing list. Combining irreverent humor with reverence for the […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

9sense Podcast proudly presents Get to Know the Voices of 9senseWarlock M.A. Mandrake Warlock M.A. Mandrake, the host of Between the Horns will be live and on camera with host Reverend Campbell of 9sense Podcast, answering listener questions for one hour only! Get to know all about this truly original Warlock as he answers your personal questions from his favorite aftershave to his most successful Lesser Magic victories. Tune into YouTube.com/9sensePodcast Sunday, August 23rd at 8PM EST for an intimate discussion with this masterful wordsmith and Church of Satan Warlock. 9sense Podcast has been at the tip of the Satanic […]

Lewis Harrison of Australia’s 4Wow Interviews Warlock M. A. Mandrake of the Church of Satan. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Boost Your Health with Vitamin Ego

A scientific study has shown that high self-esteem shields an individual from unnecessary anxiety and its detrimental health effects. That’s obvious enough to a Satanist, and probably to just about anyone. But since we value science, it is gratifying when a controlled experiment supports our principles. We Satanists “worship” ourselves, being what Magus Peter H. Gilmore has termed, “I-theists.” Far from being a megalomaniacal delusion, this is a balanced, well-founded sense of self-centered self-respect. And the science demonstrates that it not only feels good, but is also good for our health. Yet another reminder to take that daily dose of […]