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Tired of conventional, mediocre, sappy holiday music flooding the airwaves this time of year each year?  Then come on over and have One Hell of a Christmas! 
Picking up where 2009’s Volume I left off, Metal For the Yuletide Season, Volume II is yet another no-holds-barred (snow)balls of steel Metal Christmas album that pokes fun at all of the holiday favorites that you love to hate! 
Metal For the Yuletide Season, Volume II  is released on Krampusnacht (December 5th) 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, among other online digital stores.  It features two Original tracks (“Bah, Humbug!” and “Krampus!”), along with 8 old time standards (including an epic version of “Twelve Days of Christmas”) ripped apart and re-done in classic (or as others may say, cliched) Heavy Metal fashion!
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