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Inequality Polo Shirt – ASP Apparel Satanic Showcase

Egalitarianism is a myth that breeds weakness & rewards mediocrity. We embrace the stratified & Darwinian reality of Nature to encourage strength, self-improvement & the mastery of diverse skills.

“In the 1960’s the radical left preached a philosophy of ‘peace and love’ which really boiled down to the concept of levelling everything to being ‘equal.’ This ‘philosophy’ championed the abandoning of rational criteria for evaluation of anything, and the embracing of everything as being of equal value, thus fostering mediocrity on every level of human endeavor. We are still living in the fallout of this mode of thinking, as the people who espoused these ideas when young have grown to adulthood and are now the ‘establishment’.”
— Magus Peter H. Gilmore
The Satanic Scriptures – Scapegoat Publishing

“Well, naturally – I say ‘naturally’ as a Satanist – I don’t believe in equality. I don’t believe there’s anything equal… the entire concept of equality is simply one of wishful thinking or flight of fancy that, very much like the concept of reincarnation, will allow the lowest to feel that they are equal to the highest. And the concept of equality, with that in mind, is designed to keep the lowest satisfied, to serve as pap, or serve as a sort of cosmetic indulgence or enticement to the lowest so that they, too, can feel that they are of the same stuff as the highest.”
— Magus Anton Szandor LaVey
ANSWER Me!: The First Three – Scapegoat Publishing

Expel equality & endorse elitism with our combed cotton pique tipped Inequality Polo Shirt.

Our Satanic clothing & regalia is proudly designed & custom printed in-house utilising expertise gained from over a decade of professional graphic design & print experience.

Hail Satan!

— Reverend Ashley S. Palmer
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