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Black Signals 002 Halloween Synthwave

Halloween synthwave mix featuring new music from Neoslave, Hexenkraft, The Midnight, ALEX, Perturbator, Mega Drive and supporting GosT on tour with Dance with the Dead. Classics from Gunship, Carpenter Brut, Lazerhawk, Dan Terminus, topped off with Master Boot Record. 

Stream and download available at Radio Free Satan.

Special thanks to LAZERDISC RECORDS and NewRetroWave.

Check out GosT and Dance with the Dead on their current US tour.


  • 1 Supreme (feat. Hayley Stewart) by GosT
  • 2 Tech Noir by Gunship
  • 3 Vantablack by Perturbator
  • 4 The Thing by Hexenkraft
  • 5 Disco Zombi Italia by Carpenter Brut
  • 6 Visceral Grit ’92 by Mega Drive
  • 7 Soulreaper by Neoslave
  • 8 Blood Moon by Dance with the Dead
  • 9 River of Darkness (feat. Timecop1983) by The Midnight
  • 10 Club Of The Damned by Meteor
  • 11 Cursed II (feat. Tokyo Rose) by ALEX & Mecha Maiko
  • 12 Massacre by Lazerhawk
  • 13 The Chasm by Dan Terminus
  • 14 DOOM by Master Boot Record