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Cut to fit the mouth is the debut album by Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson, released on cassette by the American label Arcana Machine. Vanessa Sinclair’s cut-ups and poetry are read by Sinclair and Abrahamsson, and set to music by Abrahamsson. Psychedelic fragments and intriguing memory mosaics are woven into ambient scapes and sensual sound collages, creating an overall impression of a psycho-sexual journey far beyond consensus reality and its mechanical anticipations. Cut to fit the mouth is a slice of life seasoned with anxiety, confusion, determination, delight and, eventually, complete satisfaction.

C-60 Cassette. Arcana Machine 2017. Limited edition of 230 copies. Please note: 23 copies come together with a print signed by Sinclair: 297 x 210 mm, archival paper.

Purchase US: Arcana Machine

Purchase Europe: Trapart

Excerpts can be hear here on Soundcloud.