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Danse dE Sade FREE NEW SINGLE “Stiletto Ghetto”

“Stiletto Ghetto” is from the upcoming NEW album, brought to you here by Pure Grain Audio. Help us spread the contagion, and long live “Sex, Satan, Rock n’ Roll”… and the Devil’s band!

New York City’s Satanic sleaze rockers Danse dE Sade are about as grimy as their hometown’s seedy, rat-infested streets. But this is a good thing! Following up on their perfectly dirty full-length release, Sex, Satan, Baroque N’ Roll, we’re stoked to be offering a free download of the single “Stiletto Ghetto”.

Though rather elusive, we were able to corner the band’s lead vocalist Count MoriVond for a comment on this single: “‘Stiletto Ghetto’ is a song about the reputation and distrust one garners for living a promiscuous life. The title refers to all the high heels that can be seen under our dirty beds."