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Saturday, November 25th, 8PM, $10

BoonTunes, 613 Main St., Boonton, NJ

Matt Pless / Darren Deicide / The Hannahs / Paddy Merril / Jeff Linden

You’ve argued with your family and begrudgingly shared a meal. Grandpa is drooling on himself asleep on the couch while the rest of the family watches sports. The next day, you try to shake off the doldrums by going out, only to find out it’s Black Friday and everywhere is crammed with throngs of obedient consumers fulfilling their duty to buy useless crap for the upcoming holidays. There’s no respite, until now.

Come and get your relief this Saturday, after it’s all said and done, in Boonton, NJ, at BoonTunes, where I’ll be playing with my old friend Matt Pless. Matt was one of the rare musicians that got to play the old Barracks shows back in its heyday. I’m going to warm you all up by playing some oldies and newbies from The Jersey Devil is Here and The Blues Non Est MortuumHere’s the Facebook event.

—Darren D.

PS: My new project, The Wedding Funeral, is releasing the last song, “Mannequin”, off our new demo at It comes out on Thanksgiving.