Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Happy Birthday Magus Gilmore!

Please join us in celebrating Magus Gilmore’s highest holiday today, as we appreciate the man who has been guiding the Church of Satan as our High Priest for 13 years. His efforts to communicate the principles of our philosophy worldwide have fostered an ever-growing respect for Satanism amongst those with intelligence and a secular turn of mind. If you have not read his book, The Satanic Scriptures, now is a fine time to explore the essays and rituals contained therein (available in seven languages). A selection of his topical writings can be found here. You might also enjoy some of his music which can be downloaded for free here (more will be coming soon!). And his personal blog dealing with film and music can be found here.

If you feel inclined to send a token of your appreciation, Magus Gilmore has an list of items he would enjoy. Since he is an aficionado of Godzilla—which you’ll discover when reading his blog—he also has an Amazon list of Godzilla items as well.

If you click on the image above you can view The Satanic High Mass which was performed on 6/6/06, which includes his Infernal blessing upon the members of the Church of Satan. 

We raise our glasses in a toast to our Magus:

“Long life and joy in abundance!”

Hail Magus Gilmore! Hail Satan!