Magister Hernandez and Warlock Silva

In Memoriam Magister Les Hernandez

A Tribute to Magister Les Hernandez by Warlock Michael K. Silva

At 3:30 a.m., February 19, 2019, my very dear and very close friend Magister Les Hernandez lost his fight with cancer.

Les was an exemplar of Satanism. He was well-versed in the Satanic philosophy and very articulate when speaking about Satanism, whether through his writings or his interactions with people in person or online via social media. He accomplished a lot in his life, and he lived his life his way and forged his own path.

I’ve known Les for nearly forty years, having met him while we were in junior high school as young heavy metal fans who had discovered The Satanic Bible, each on his own. But, it wouldn’t be until around 1995 that we’d come together and collaborate on a couple of pro-Satanic projects—Bloodfire! Magazine, Hawaii’s first Satanic magazine, and Crawling Chaos, Hawaii’s first Satanic punk rock band. These were supposed to be think-tanks of Satanic thought and philosophy and the start of other projects involving other Satanists. According to Les, he wanted us to create our own Satanic meme.

Years after Bloodfire! Magazine ended, his essays and short stories would later be compiled into his book The Bloodfire Compendium. From the ashes of Crawling Chaos rose The Quintessentials, with all the songs from the Crawling Chaos days becoming part of The Quintessentials’ musical library. Les was a great musician and was somehow able to merge the pop punk melodies of his favorite punk band, The Ramones, with harder, faster punk and also with black metal and death metal, creating a unique blend of styles that shouldn’t have worked, but through his excellent musicianship and sonic witchery, they meshed perfectly. Most of the lyrics were Satanic, based on Anton LaVey’s philosophy, and not pseudo-satanic, devil worship or horror movie “satanism.” He also sang about horror movies or about topics that interested him, like vampires and werewolves. Some of his songs were darkly humorous. His music has reached people all around the world, and he touched the lives of many people through this medium alone, Satanists and punks alike, leaving behind a great legacy of great music.

Les had many loves and passions, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and Batman to The Ramones and The Archies cartoon. There are too many to name. He shared these with some of his friends, those he knew personally or those whom he knew online. He had a great love of life and enjoyed spending time with people that had interests similar to his. He loved good food and good company. He was witty and had a great sense of humor, which he maintained throughout his fight with cancer. If you were fortunate enough to have known him and had spent time with him, you learned quickly that he loved to joke around. His laughter was infectious, and in my opinion, a little jolly. He was a kind and often generous person, willing to help out his friends if he could. He was approachable to many who were new to Satanism and the writings of Anton LaVey, answering questions or suggesting reading material that would answer their questions. His life, though cut short, was well-lived, and he had accomplished many things while he was with us, and all by his own hand.

Magister Les Hernandez’s passing leaves a huge void in many of our hearts that can’t be filled. He showed us through his strength, courage, and indomitable will during this terrible battle with cancer what it truly means to live life to its fullest, and with dignity. He will be remembered by fans of his music, his legion of friends, both from the Islands and the Continental U.S. and abroad, and those whom he befriended online. I am honored to have been a part of his life and to have shared many wonderful moments with a man who is well-loved and well-respected by so many. His memory lives on in the hearts of those who love him, in the Infernal Music of The Quintessentials, and in his writings, which will continue to teach, inspire, and entertain those who are interested in the Satanic philosophy from the point of view of one who had lived a full, Satanic life.

Hail Bloodfire! Hail Magister Les Hernandez! Hail Satan!


The Bloodfire Still Boils by Warlock Robert J. Leuthold

In Tartarus, there arises a clamor as one of our own sheds the mortal coil
Bloodfire was the name he chose, though born as Leslie

Many of us who shared his life, and were affected, grieve, and understandably so

We didn’t share blood, but he called me Brother, as I will call him for the rest of my days

Tears are unshed for now, as I am still shocked

I am grateful to have known him

The Bloodfire still boils, and shall never diminish, as it lives on within not only me, but all whose lives he touched

Hail Bloodfire!






I love you

Thank you for being an exemplary member of our Cabal

Hail Satan


THE SATANIC WARLOCK: In Memoriam Brother Magister Les Hernandez by Reverend Campbell