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It Ain’t Murder if it Took 33 Years

In a bizarre turn of events (contorting both the law and the dictionary to their very limits), the DC Medical Examiner has ruled James Brady’s death A HOMICIDE. The reasoning being that the injuries he received 33 years ago led to his death.

Um, excuse me, but if it took 33 years that’s not what killed you, James. Sure, the injuries compromised him, even changed him irrevocably. But “killed” him? I don’t think so. I didn’t see the autopsy or the report, but I find the whole idea impossible. Every one of us has a 100% mortality rate, meaning this concept of long-term blame is just idiotic.

Further, a ruling like this sets a dangerous precedent and opens us all up to a whole new and scary world of unlimited liability—because we all know this is about money and who gets to sue whom over what. This is a Very Slippery Slope.


—Magistra Ruth Waytz