Witchcraft District Bazaar 7 Day Candles

Just in Time for Walpurgisnacht – Anton LaVey, Baphomet, and Joe Netherworld Candles!

Priestess Renée is now offering three wonderfully wicked Satanic candles exclusive to her store, Witchcraft District Bazaar. Available just in time for your Walpurgisnacht celebrations, you can add one, or all three, of these 7 Day Spell Candles to your altar or home:

Doktor Anton S. LaVey—Founder and first High Priest of The Church of Satan.
Baphomet—symbol of self-empowerment, creativity, and lust.
Magister Joe Netherworld—crowned Witch King of the Witchcraft District, aka Poughkeepsie.

Quantities are limited, but they will be regularly restocked. All orders from Church of Satan Members will receive special bonuses! Search “7 Day Spell Candle” on the website and order yours today from: http://www.witchcraftdistrict.com