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The long awaited Kult ov Azazel vs. Teratism 7" split IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN now available.   Two venomous cults draw lines in the sand of American black metal by publicly declaring their fealty with the devil, each with their own unique interpretation of a foundational, classic Venom song.  Single pressing only, limited to 666 copies. Artwork by Mark Riddick Cost is $9. Add $3 postage for resident in the USA and $6 postage for all orders outside the USA.  Payments by Paypal preferred but will also take well concealed cash or money order. Contact for payment information.

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Celebrate Your Lust Today!

Whether you are recalling the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, or the date to share tokens of romantic love with those who have inspired you, may you have a lust-filled day (and night), you horny devils! 

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The Vernal Equinox is coming –   But Old Nick’s  latest issue is here NOW, and at a DISCOUNT!  Our gala Spring Lust Issue has arrived just in time for those Satanic thoughts of love…and sex!  And for a limited time you can get the feature-filled package at a 25% savings over the regular cover price.  This issue delivers:  EXCLUSIVE interview with horror novelist Edward Lee – hardcore as hell!  A tribute to American atheist Christopher Hitchens  The special fantasy layout – Channeling Jayne Mansfield  Valentin Schwarz’s avant-garde art  And of course, the most delicious assembly of REAL Old Nick Chicks and […]

Maestro David E. Williams Performs

Dear Friends: On February 24 2012 in a Brooklyn nightclub, I will trot out some of the 3-legged horses and 4-eyed pigs of my early songwriting career. Have the years been good to these to 2-to-4 minute articulations of precise hatred?  Are they as swell as reputation might suggest? I’m sure you’ll agree that these are important questions that ought be answered by someone other than the usual Brooklyn audience on a Friday night.  Someone like YOU! We need you old schoolers singing from the first note.  Remember?  It goes “Various bodily fluids stain the bed…"  And so on.  It […]

To Hell with Madonna?

We have been asked if Madonna’s Super Bowl 2012 halftime show was intended to be a Satanic ritual. Having just watched the spectacle, which began rather like a Ken Russell remake of Mankiewicz’s 1963 CLEOPATRA, I have to applaud the opulent production. Satanic ritual is intended as a theatrical means to release pent-up emotions. I suspect that many who viewed the show found themselves excited by the selection of songs and the manner in which they were performed so that they were moved emotionally and may have achieved the sort of catharsis which is sought by Satanists when they ritualize. […]

Psycho Charger’s CHILLERAMA

Good friend Jimmy Psycho and his band Psycho Charger wrote and performed the theme song for CHILLERAMA, a fun horror anthology film currently available on Netflix. The Halloween-themed music video has just been released. Enjoy! 

America’s Favorite Satanist

A short film by Vicki Marquette giving you a glimpse into the dark world of Magister Joe Netherworld of the Church of Satan.

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Joe Netherworld On Line

Magister Netherworld has launched his site which has both video media and gallery images that we think you’ll enjoy.

With captions translated into Spanish: Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter habló en la Universidad Wayne State en Detroit, MI, el 16 de noviembre de 2011. Fue un invitado de la Alianza de Estudiantes Seculares para su semana de eventos sobre la “separación de la Iglesia y el Estado” Este es un breve extracto de la conferencia completa que sera proximamente disponible en acual Kevin destaca entre las palabras “satanismo” y “satánicos”.Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter spoke at Wayne State University on November 16th, 2011 as a guest of the Secular Student Alliance for their “Separation of Church and State Week” events. This is […]