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NOW AVAILABLE: “Mosh Pits & Mai Tais” hits the streets! 

Jimmy Psycho is thrilled to announce the release of “MOSH PITS AND MAI-TAIS: THE ULTIMATE PUNK ROCK COCKTAIL PARTY”, the third full-length release fromTHE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT.

MOSH PITS AND MAI-TAIS includes fifteen tracks of “newer and older classic punk rock songs” all arranged with a tiki/lounge/EZ-listening vibe…what Jimmy refers to as “Spooky Sci-Fi Punk Rock Lounge Music”.

MOSH PITS AND MAI-TAIS is a swanky, light-hearted departure from the typical loud and fast “punk rock sound”…the usual raucous vocals and distorted guitars that are usually found within the punk rock genre have been replaced by the smooth tones proper to a cocktail lounge – vibraphone, piano, and other soothing timbres that evoke images of sophisticated punks out for a night on the town.

Fifteen tracks of “Punk Rock Lounge Music”!

Available in stores, iTunes, and all the major music sites! 

As always, thank ya for the ongoing support! CHEERS!!!