The Satanic Playing Cards—Last Week!

 Only 6 days left for “The Satanic Playing Cards”on Kickstarter!

A wondrous Winter Solstice to everyone!

 Only 6 days left for “The Satanic Playing Cards”on Kickstarter! Funded in 2 hours!  

We are at 12 thousand and there are only 3 more thousand to go to hit the next stretch goal. If we make it to 15 grand, we will unlock a limited edition Red Back Edition. I think it’s going to happen! At 20 grand we do a Rainbow Edition! 

The process of running this Kickstarter has been a really great experience, the artist Stuart Palm and I  thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support we received from people all over the world. Wow, we really are Legion! 

If you haven’t been over to the Kickstarter in a while, have a look because there is now the “King of Clubs” t-shirt that can added as a reward with the Playing Card packages! 

Keep in touch after the campaign by signing the mailing list at

Thank you again!

Hail Satan !

Reverend Adam Cardone 

Dec 21 LV AS