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Radio Free Satan Presents: Metal Breakfast Radio Episode 38.1

“I don’t understand, sir…”

All new MBR, though due to a miscalculation in the space/time continuum (and an accident with a vacuum cleaner) Dave puts out a show on his own. Suction notwithstanding, the reason behind this is the delay in recording the new music project URSINNE, so Dave apologises to Kent, Bob, the MBR listeners, and his bank manager’s hairdresser. Though that last one can fuck off as they do a bloody laughable job. On this you’ll get to hear CODEX FACTORIA, NEFASTURRIS, BATHORY, RAVEN, ECHELON, CHAS AND DAVE, KING DIAMOND, THE DEAD GOATS, RAINBOW, WINDS OF GENOCIDE, DISINTERRED, SLAUGHTERDAY, SINISTER, REVEL IN FLESH, PUTRID OFFAL, NAILGUN MASSACRE and RAZOR.

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