Rival Caesars: Fiction by Arthur "Ragnar Redbeard" Desmond

Rival Caesars by Ragnar Redbeard

Underworld Amusements is very proud to bring you news of the second book in the Ragnar Redbeard trilogy. While it hasn’t been in the works as long as Might is Right, I believe it is a worthy release that reflects on my commitment to producing authoritative editions of Arthur “Ragnar Redbeard” Desmond’s oeuvre.

The book will be officially released on November 5th, which is “National Redhead Day” here in America.
Beginning right now, we are accepting exactly 100 pre-orders before the release of the book. All pre-orders come with an exclusive booklet with the author of the introduction: I Beheld Redbeard: an Interview with Darrell W. Conder. International orders now accepted.

More about this exciting forthcoming book:

Is it possible that the famous duel between Hamilton and Burr was part of a judgment against the two by a secret society they formed decades prior to create an American shadow government? This story, telling of the lives of two great rivals, lies somewhere between a Robert E. Howard pastiche and a Yankee version of Thomas Dixon Jr. Rival Cæsars is a fantasy Revolutionary War tale by the man who penned the infamous philippic titled Might is Right.
Arthur Desmond, who wrote as Ragnar Redbeard, here uses the nom de guerre Desmond Dilg.

Incredibly rare for nearly a century, here, finally, is an accessible and beautifully designed paperback edition, with an authoritative introductory essay by Darrell W. Conder.

Rival Caesars pre-order with limited edition booklet.