Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Satanism in Half a Minute (YouTube Series) 

We challenged members of our hierarchy to define Satanism in 30 seconds—and here’s what they said. Posted in Three parts to our YouTube channel.

Part 1: Magister Bill M., Reverend M.A. Mandrake, Magistra Ruth Waytz, & Magister David Harris.

Part 2

Reverend Adam Campbell, Priestess Comtessa DeSade, Reverend Darren Deicide, & Magistra Ygraine Mitchell.

Part 3: Reverend John H Shaw, Priestess Marilyn Mansfield, Reverend Adam Cardone, Magister Robert Merciless, & Reverend Zoth Ommog.

Produced by Magister David Harris.