Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

SATANSPLAIN with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain is a Satanism commentary show hosted by the knowledgeable Satanist and Magister of the Church of Satan, Magister Bill M.

Satansplain episodes are available for listening right here on this website, as well as many other places where podcasts are typically carried, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple/iTunes, and Amazon Music.

Satansplain currently is audio-only, though this may change in the future. The show may also later expand to include featured guests as well as optional exclusive content.

Two episodes are now available with two more coming soon:

Episode #1

What is Satansplain? Who is the host? What is a Satanic approach to questioning? Learn now on the debut episode of Satansplain!

Episode #2

The “Your Magic” podcast (also airing via “Morbid: The True Crime Podcast”) interviewed Magister Bill but ended up misrepresenting Satanism and the Church of Satan. Thankfully that show’s creator has since apologized and will issue a correction. Meanwhile, hear the facts along with the original uncut interview.