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In “The Devil’s Notebook," LaVey wrote that the shapes and layouts of buildings — especially the nefarious trapezoid — can affect the people inside, provoking "emotional imbalance and ensuing acts of violence.”


Novelist Patrick Quinlan explores a future wherein high end “sexbots” can fulfill lustful desires, but also serve as vessels for human consciousness to survive death. We suspect that Anton LaVey would be pleased to see the continued vitality of his theories regarding the fast-approaching viability of artificial human companions. Here’s an intriguing review. Purchase your copy of SEXBOT: paperback / Kindle

Killer Heels

At the Brooklyn Museum in New York, a special exhibition is celebrating the art of the high-heeled shoe. “Killer Heels” reminds me of Magus Anton Szandor LaVey’s essay, “The Witch’s Shoe as Weaponry,” in which he suggests methods for utilizing this icon of feminine power as an actual weapon of self-defense. LaVey also details the aesthetic magic of high heels in The Satanic Witch. “Killer Heels,” open until February 15, 2015, is surely a worthwhile pilgrimage for witches and any other, ahem, enthusiasts. Satan Speaks: The Satanic Witch: – Warlock M. Mandrake


Olan Thomas interviews Magus Peter H. Gilmore for his “Truth Behind Religion Series.” Magus Gilmore speaks to many topics, addressing occultism of the past, conspiracy theories, some historical aspects of the Church of Satan as well as Dr. LaVey’s views regarding magical practice.

Now available: Mortensen’s THE COMMAND TO LOOK

The Command to Look was one of photographer William Mortensen’s most influential and sought-after books, and has been out of print for fifty years. Battered copies have been purchased by collectors for hundreds of dollars. Now reproduced here in full, this affordable volume includes an essential and deeply insightful essay by Michael Moynihan on how its aesthetic principles influenced the philosophy and magical thinking of the Church of Satan’s founder, Anton Szandor LaVey. Fifty-five images of Mortensen’s best work are reproduced along with text by this wittiest and most biting writer on photography of his time. You will want this in […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Official Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet coin with the alchemical symbol for brimstone on the flip side. Click here to learn more.


The Secret Life Of a Satanist The Authorized Biography of Anton Szandor LaVey By Blanche Barton An insider’s view of the iconoclastic man who founded the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible. After the original publication of this biography in 1990, Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton fought through the “Satanic Panic” together, guiding the Church for another seven years. In this revised, expanded edition, Barton takes you inside the walls of the fabled Black House to candidly share her experience of LaVey’s struggles and triumphs during his final years. This new volume provides additional rare images, offering insights […]


Our Warlock Marquis HK has been interviewed recently by the media in Australia: Warlock Marquis HK on Life in Australia’s Church of Satan Dispelling the Satanic Myths (video not currently functioning)

Comedy 3.0

In the USA, there is much brouhaha concerning a federal grant for over $700,000 toward the development of computer software that writes jokes. The fundamental mechanics of humor are exploited by both pioneering comedians and the hacks who haunt what LaVey called “the dismal world of comedy clubs.” (“‘T’ Ain’t Funny, McGee,” Satan Speaks!) Yet consistently successful humor is the still-elusive holy grail of artificial intelligence, which grows ever closer to replacing the most productive aspects of your average human. By automating not only human tasks, but personalities, we can highlight and more freely enjoy the truly unique elements of […]

Making Love With Living Dolls

As Anton LaVey predicted decades ago, many humans (especially our more lustful Satanic brethren) will be taking artificial companions as lovers. Well, according to think tank Pew Research Center’s newly released study, “AI, Robotics And The Future Of Jobs,” making love to our “Living Dolls” will happen by 2025. With the advent of teledonics and haptic technology already here, it’s no surprise that one expert said these new tech sexbots will know our every need. The field has even gotten it’s own moniker—“lovotics.” We like to call it satisfaction of good ol’ fashioned horniness…without the drama. —Hef With Horns