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The Blues Non Est Mortuum by Darren Deicide Now Available in Digital Format

In celebration of Halloween, Berenice
Records and Darren Deicide announce the digital release of The Blues Non Est
. The Blues Non Est Mortuum is now available for listening on
Spotify, Apple iTunes, CD
, Amazon Music,
Google Play,
and other major digital distribution outlets. It also available for free
listening on YouTube.

The Blues Non Est Mortuum is Darren Deicide’s first full-length release
in 7 years and was released in 2016 on vinyl format. The album features
appearances by Reverend Adam Campbell from the Church of Satan as well as St.
Louis songwriter, Edgefield C. Johnston, and was recorded at multi-platinum
recording studio, Water Music, which has graced the likes of Dave Matthews
Band, Beyoncé, Allman Brothers Band, Shakira, Sonic Youth, Social Distortion,
R. Kelly, Ween, Lamb Of God, and Joey Ramone.