The Phantasy Series

Art Prints from Satanme: The Great Szandor, The Black House

Happy Halloween!!! As the veil of darkness thins ever so greatly tonight, the Devil’s Night, we respectfully celebrate life and death with new vigor and remembrance!

On this day of Tricks and Treats, we do have a Treat for you! A Treat, 18 years in the making! I can finally officially announce the Release of the new Phantasy Series of Fine Art Prints and to start I am releasing two works I commissioned 18 years ago, the first is The Great Szandor,” a dedication piece that allowed my imagination to run wild! The second is The Black House,” another dedication placing this haunted abode where I had imagined it would be when I first heard about it!

All works in this new series are bound by a Limited Print Run, individually numbered on the canvas itself! Designed in the true fashion of a museum quality work of art!

Now Available on

I welcome you to enjoy this treat as I always wanted it to be enjoyed, hanging proudly in your Haunted Environment!

Hail Satan!
Magister Frost