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Church of Satan celebrates International Blasphemy Rights Day

NOTE: This page includes ADULTS ONLY MATERIAL, so DO NOT click on the link to this page unless you are legally an adult in your nation of residence.

With gusto, we embrace CFI’s International Blasphemy Rights Day and joyously accept the honorific of being blasphemers! 

The timorous and small-minded may find such expressions offensive and clamor to be protected from the presentation of ideas which they find repugnant, “triggering,” or with which they simply disagree. Far too many of such people in our society now erroneously think they have a right not to be offended. That attitude—as advocates of free expression know from studying sociology and history—is found primarily in dictatorships and other totalitarian societies which silence dissent and diversity, whether they are ruled by an intolerant religion or a despotic political faction. Such regimes fear criticism and try to compel submission, but the brave will refuse to be silenced. Whatever your position on the political or religious perspective might be, championing the right to excercise free expression must embrace tolerance for those with whom we disagree. Only then can we examine and with civility rationally critique their concepts so that by learning about adversarial positions we can accept or reject them based on a clear and accurate assessment of their sources, their validity, and the possible consequences that such thinking might bring about.

Here’s to continued blasphemy, a means for questioning enshrined pomposity and tyrannical dictates in our unending struggle towards achieving self-sovereignty and espousing independant thought.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore