Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Happy birthday to me!

Today is the 60th anniversary of my birth, and as this month began so did my 18th year as the High Priest of the Church of Satan. As has become my tradition, I enjoy giving those who are interested in my work a small gift. Back in the late 1980s I wrote a short story which is a sequel to H. P. Lovecraft’s THE MUSIC OF ERICH ZANN titled ZANN’S REPRISE. I went back to my original version of the tale and did some minor polishing and am offering it as a free downloadable PDF file. Two of my friends have joined me in this celebration: Andy Howl—with whom I work on THE DEVILS REIGN projects—has created an illustration, and Jimmy Psycho—with whom I’ve worked on several audio projects—has written a piece of music inspired by my story.

Follow this link where you will find more background about the story’s creation as well as links to download my story, the Howl art and Psycho music and Jimmy’s program notes for his piece, and a link to read Lovecraft’s macabre original.

My most profound gratitude to the truly extraordinary individuals whom I’ve encountered and who continually enhance my life in so many ways. Much love to you fine individuals—you inspire me by being yourselves, thus ever-energizing me with your singular brilliances as we journey through the multi-verse together.

Hail Satan!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Photo: Jesi Cason for Howl Gallery and Tattoo