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METAL BREAKFAST RADIO – EPISODE 41.6 (Death/Heavy Metal Podcast) 

“So get on your feet, bubs!”

Yes, it’s another Eleventh Hour episode with Dave alone, but trying to get all three MBR hosts together in the same room at the same time has been proving difficult these last few weeks, especially since Dave has been off gigging with Just Before Dawn. New content with a full line-up will arrive soon! In the meantime, here’s a show featuring such bands as Septic Flesh, Memoriam, Wombbath, The Grotesquery, and the aforementioned Just Before Dawn…to name but a few! And let’s not forget Big Mark’s rabbiting review, either. This week’s episode is brought to you by Dave’s wallet, Tuborg, and some chicken soup for the soul which sadly had to be destroyed as it was infected with Salmonella.

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