My Book Cult Episode One – This Ugly Civilization

Magister Kevin I. Slaughter and Reverend Raul Antony present the first episode of the #MyBookCult podcast discussing This Ugly Civilization. This audio version is available free to the public, while the full video is available for cultists who join our Patreon at $6.66 or more.

#mybookcult | Month One | Episode One – Audio Only | This Ugly Civilization

About This Ugly Civilization:

There are three basic themes in Ralph Borsodi’s This Ugly Civilization: a critique of modern industrial civilization, achieving personal economic independence, and maximizing individual potential. Borsodi advocates a lifestyle of self-reliance and decentralized power, and outlines how it can be realized either by one man or by all. The logical steps are given for moving beyond a “victory garden” so that each of us may cultivate a human-scale existence compatible with nature and the pursuit of the good life.

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February’s book will be Confessions of a Failed Egoist by Trevor Blake.

Explication, rumination and fulmination from Portland author Trevor Blake. Sixteen selections range from a critique of Objectivism to the career of filmmaker Nabil Shaban (focusing on The Skin Horse, a documentary on the sex lives of cripples). In addition there is a history and usage of Multiple Names (popular from obscure art movements like Neoism to common folk mythologies), a biographical sketch of Baltimore native and mutant tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, among other topics. Putting the “I” in “history”, the author touches on a cultural history of Egoism, a personal “trajectory” through Anarchism, and his personal shift on 9/11 are also detailed herein.

“Confessions of a Failed Egoist is somewhere at the crossroads between The Satanic Bible and Prometheus Rising. Everything you know is wrong, but don’t worry: It’s just the punchline to the great epistemic joke. Blake’s book is a throwback to the days of H.L. Mencken mercilessly skewering sacred cows on the left and right, while firmly rooted in our present day victimology industry conundrums. Blake’s book provides inspiration for thought. Bring it up at your next boring work party and scare your colleagues.” -Nick Pell

About My Book Cult:

In December Underworld Amusements started #mybookcult, their Book of the Month Cult. Every month that you are a contributor for that whole year you will receive a book in the mail. There will be 12 months and 12 books12 podcasts and 12 discussions. Books will cover radical individualism, egoism, Satanism, and radical philosophy. The 2020 schedule and full details are available at