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Raising Hell, Ep. XXVIII – May 25th, 2016 – “Sacred Cows” 

The Satanic
Perspective on Parenting brings you a Satanic Mother who has been there, done
that and risen above it all! It is all too easy to fall within a prison of
our own design and breaking out of it is a liberation that so many will never
allow themselves to know. If you’re tired of all the mommy blogs, the
perfectly posed pictures and “professional” parents telling you how
it should be, join us as we explore the undefiled reality of parenting and passionately
present how it really is.

HELL – Getting Schlitzed and Shattering Self-deceit w/ Elizabeth

The Grownup Grotto – The New
Culture of Moo-therhood

Handbook for Hellions – Painful
Participation, Play-dates and Other Parents

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—Warlock Milton C. Cruver