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Andy Howl: Night on the Brocken

Wicked Walpurgisnacht!

It’s that time of the year again. Satanists, as much as any members of a religious body and probably more so, look forward to our Spring holiday with a certain wicked anticipation and joy. Winter is over; we can travel, gather together, and old bonds are reinforced while new ones are made. Others prefer to mark the holiday with more solitary pursuits, and the little experiments that were bubbling away in our laboratories are given life and come shambling into the light. Anton LaVey had it right when he shaped our annual calendar around two holidays that coincide with the […]

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Wicked Walpurgisnacht!  The High Priest and I extend our warmest wishes for Walpurgisnacht to Satanists everywhere, and to the world at large. Tonight we celebrate over five decades of standing against herd conformity and thought, and against the strictures of slave religions that wish to tell their constituents who they should and must be.  It’s been a long, cold winter here in the Northeast where we make our home. Now that the ice and snow have let go their hold on our natural environment, it’s impossible not to notice the annual signs of renewal and how they inspire our own […]

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METAL GROTTO EPISODE 55:“WICKED WALPURGISNACHT OCCULT ROCK SPECIAL”  Walpurgisnacht is upon us once again, and this week, DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels brings back the tradition of Occult Rock shows for the occasion.With the exception of Type O Negative’s cover of Black Sabbath, all of the songs included fit the genre. Download Episode 55 Upon the Brocken, Darkly The night grows darker than normal on this most unholy of nights We, children of the Devil’s fane do gather at the Brocken in reverence and revelry Assembled, as though an unholy orchestra, we raise our hands, and give the sign The […]

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WICKED WALPURGISNACHT!  As we’ve entered into our second half century, the vitality of the Church of Satan is boldly apparent. We Satanists engage our minds, setting our Wills towards remaking our worlds so that joy flourishes and is shared with those whom we cherish. For our audience, our thriving news page offers examples of creativity in abundance—Satanism in action. We gathered last year on this date to celebrate the temporal landmark of our 50th anniversary, an inspirational catalyst for many. And so accomplishments continually multiply as the diverse means our fellows have mastered are cultivated towards enriching ends. Some are […]