Wicked Walpurgisnacht


Tonight, during hours of darkness traditionally noted for legendary diabolism, we celebrate the 57th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan.

Magus Anton Sandor LaVey’s sagacious vision perpetually inspires a refined cohort of creative, productive, and intelligent individuals. We wield Satanism as a precise tool towards fulfilling our lives, assuredly directing our destinies while sharing our vitality with cherished fellows. No moment is wasted as we pursue our chosen indulgences to the best of our abilities—flaming and tossing the fires about us, warming those near and dear with the verve of our existence.

Those who have embraced the path of self-deification—who have boldly made their pact as members of the Church of Satan—consummate our founder’s vision of an alien elite. As Satanic sybarites, the world is yours! You provide tangible testimony to the efficacy of our philosophy, embracing a diverse decadence, and that is the greatest tribute possible.

Here at The Black House we raise our glasses and toast your dark brilliance! While human society remains in turmoil, with Christians globally attempting to re-assert their dominion, and poseurs-in-black unwittingly assisting them, the true Satanists must tread with skill and care to move the world according to their wills.

From what I have seen, you continue to do so with devilish glee and infernal ardor. Keep up the Great Work!

Hail Magus Anton Szandor LaVey!

Hail to the extraordinary members who are the Church of Satan!

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! So it is done!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore