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The Accusation Network

Purging Talon presents The Accusation Network, a collection of podcasts utterly lacking in trigger warnings, privilege checking, and cultural inclusiveness. Nothing is sacred. None will be spared.

As of current, we provide three podcasts under The Accusation Network banner.

The Accusation Party serves as an audio podcast representing critical thought and analysis with a complete disregard for mainstream censure. It is total free speech and not merely the speech that is palatable to the most people. Although past shows have critically examined such topics as equality, Islam, feminism, eugenics, and hate speech, our most recent episode explores the evolution and historical roots of political correctness, its spread through academia, and its growing rejection in modern times.

Strange Moments in Cultural History is the class you never took in high school. Grab a seat up front and turn off your brain as we fill your head with tales of oddballs, villains, outcasts, flops and other lesser-known events in this thing we call human existence. Episode subjects have included Szilveszter Matuska, the KISS concept album, Emperor Norton, Café Flesh, and others.

Although no longer produced, Terror Transmission was a monthly movie commentary podcast dedicated to classic horror from the silent era up until the late 1980s. Known as “The greatest horror commentary podcast… EVER!” throughout its 124-episode run, it now lives on in podcast syndication.

In related news, both the Purging Talon and The Accusation Party YouTube channels have been significantly updated, including full episodes of The Accusation Party, promos, and interviews, as well as past audio and video projects, including Satanism Today: The Video Version (full episodes), Subterranean SINema and Terror Transmission. If you haven’t already done so, do subscribe to both these channels and share the videos in your social media posts.

Also follow The Accusation Party on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, tumblr, GAB, Stitcher, and tunein. Of course, we’re also on Radio Free Satan.


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