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Yes, We Have No Occultism by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

As I have written, we resist all who would try and inject aspects of supernaturalism and theism into what was stated by Anton LaVey to be a philosophy dedicated to rational self-interest, indulgence and the glorification of the material and carnal aspects of life. Satanism supports science and clearly advocates keeping an open mind as we continue to learn more about the Universe. LaVey was always very careful to use terms like “supernormal” or “supranormal” for any atypical experiences which can be documented and examined, as they are part of nature but not yet explained via current scientific theoretical models. They may be unusual events, yet still part of nature.

Occultism, however, refers to spiritually-oriented systems of thought that typically include supernatural aspects which are fundamental to their premises and practices. As Satanism is not devil worship, it is also not occultism nor are there spiritual aspects underpinning the philosophy. However, since Satanism advocates free thought and exploration of what might be of interest to each Satanist, some of our members might choose to examine various forms of occult thought, both past and present, and this is not in any way “forbidden.” It is not encouraged, either. As we advocate freedom of choice in human sexuality, we champion freedom of choice in subjects one might research, but we don’t suggest that our members must examine or embrace things that aren’t part of their personal, natural predilections.

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