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Accusation Party 11: The Divided States of Antifa

With the recent political changes occurring in Western nations comes a disturbing response that has no face, no restraint and no interest in reason. The rise of so-called anti-fascism — or Antifa, for short — has become the justified excuse for all manner of crimes committed to push an anti-Western agenda, to bolster weak egos, and to satisfy base urges. And we’ll be looking at this latest trend in Far Left violence through psychological, literary, and political lenses, paying particular attention to what motivates these attacks and the desire to be an Antifa participant, fascism and anti-fascism’s intertwined histories, Antifa’s Communist roots, the reliance upon the Internet to propagate and recruit, the mainstream media’s complicity in all of this, and why average law-abiding people have had enough. Opening quotation read by Raul A.

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