F.A.Q. For Christians who want Satanists to Change Their Ways


F.A.Q. For Christians who want Satanists to Change Their Ways

Have you heard about Jesus?

Yes, and we find his philosophy to be servile and counter to human nature. We do not believe in this mythical figure and caution you to keep your beliefs in such legends to yourself.

I am a Christian and feel that I need to tell you about the Lord because you are all going to Hell.

“Judge not lest you be judged.” Remember your “savior’s” words?

We trust you are praying to your God for forgiveness, as you certainly aren’t living up to the tenets of Christianity. Do you remember the dictum “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”? Well, is it that you want strangers to send you hateful email out of the blue, as you have done to us?

You are clearly committing a sin by your own standards by this action, and if you don’t get it forgiven, it may be one of the many which bar your entry into the Heaven in which you believe.

Your bigotry and intolerance are exactly the same as that shown by the terrorists who kill those who do not share their beliefs. The free world of rational secular individuals is tired of people like you. You will reap as you have sown.


From time to time, you may find yourself with a question that is not addressed in the F.A.Q., or literature. We welcome all intelligent and informed questions.

You may submit your question via our web form found on our contact page, or via email at [email protected].

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