F.A.Q. Conspiracies


F.A.Q. Conspiracies

Is the Church of Satan part of the Illuminati?

No. There was an occult society in Germany many years ago called the Bavarian Illuminati. Founded in 1776 it was modelled after Freemasonry and members considered themselves freethinkers. It was not a part of Satanism and it is long gone, having lasted about a decade.

Are Freemasons Satanists?

No. Freemasonry has a long history and is no longer the secret society it once was. It has never had anything to do with Satanism.

Isn’t Bohemian Grove part of Satanism?

No, it is just a men’s club founded in 1872 whose members are primarily the rich and powerful. Their rituals are typical of similar societies such as Skull and Bones.

I heard that Proctor & Gamble supports the Church of Satan, isn’t that true?

The story that there is a link between Proctor & Gamble and the Church of Satan is an old “urban legend,” long proven to be completely false. It seems to have been spread again more recently by Christian evangelists, but everything they say about this is a total fabrication. The P & G logo may look spooky to some people, but it is not a symbol of Satanism.


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