F.A.Q. Research: Press and Student


F.A.Q. Research: Press and Student

I want to engage in a dialogue with a representative of the Church of Satan to learn about it. How do I do that?

The official website of the Church of Satan (www.churchofsatan.com) has been established to provide you with all of the publicly available free material which we currently have to offer. We do not send any additional information via postal mail or e-mail.

If this site does not fully satisfy your curiosity, then you may begin to order the literature, and ordering methods are detailed on the Source Sheet page.

We suggest that you begin with the books by our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, starting with The Satanic Bible. This and his other writings, will answer your questions. It is illegal to transmit these copyrighted works electronically, so they must be purchased. Next, read The Satanic Scriptures by our current High Priest Peter H. Gilmore as it explains a great deal about how our organization functions. The works of Blanche Barton will also give you food for thought, and many of our members have written books which you might enjoy, some of which are listed on our Sources page.

Our members and officials will not serve as teachers nor as entertainers—we have neither the time nor the inclination.

If you want to have an informative exchange with an actual Satanist, visit our “Unofficial Facebook Group.” Here you will find a conversational environment including Church of Satan members and officials.

I am a student (or reporter) doing research on the Church of Satan. How do I get to visit you and see one of your rituals?

The Church of Satan does not have regular services, nor do we have church buildings for gathering people. Since our approach is individualist, our members who use ritual do so in chambers they construct in their own homes reflecting their own tastes and needs. These are not open to visitation.

If you want to understand Satanic Ritual, read The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals by Anton Szandor LaVey and also The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore.

If you want to see authentic Satanic Rituals, you can purchase and view Satanis: The Devil’s Mass, a documentary done in 1968, or you can see the footage from our 6/6/06 event here.

I am a student doing a paper on Satanism and I have questions I need you to answer, and by the way it is due tomorrow. Will you help me?

We created an official web site, www.churchofsatan.com, and that includes many essays and more than enough information for most papers. If that is not enough information, then reading The Satanic Bible should provide the rest. It is an inexpensive paperback easily purchased through Amazon.com or it should be available from a local library.

It is our policy not to spoon-feed information to students who are too lazy to do research. We are not here to write your papers. Visit our web site and there is plenty there from which you can quote for your assignment—and you should also be diligent and properly attribute the quoted texts.

Your schedule is of no importance to us. Most of us were very diligent students when we went to school, and know that teachers usually give you a proper amount of time in which to fulfill their assignments. We are not here for those who wait until the last minute to do their academic duties.


From time to time, you may find yourself with a question that is not addressed in the F.A.Q., or literature. We welcome all intelligent and informed questions.

You may submit your question via our web form found on our contact page, or via email at [email protected].

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