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Regarding Herbert A. Sloane and His Affiliation With the Church of Satan 

Magus Peter H. Gilmore presents a detailed history of

Herbert A. Sloane’s brief involvement with Satanism and the Church of Satan, and debunks his claims of having a Satanic “coven” pre-dating the Church of Satan. Based on the archival research by Magistra Peggy Nadramia.

In summation, it is quite clear that, despite Sloane’s story about having a group that he started decades before his contact with the Church of Satan, there is no record or evidence to support such a claim. The facts demonstrate that his own actual “coven” was formed in later 1968, after his joining the Church of Satan and failing to be granted custodianship of a local group of Church of Satan members. All reports indicate that his “coven” was quite small (about 3-5 people) and Sloane produced only a few pages of literature that were shown to people beginning in 1968. “Our Lady of Endor Coven” was thus short-lived and did not propagate beyond Sloane in Toledo nor did it survive his demise in 1975.

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