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The Satanic Mass — A Shot Heard Round the World

High Priestess Peggy Nadramia details the history behind the recording of the Satanic Mass, the circumstances around the cancelled live performance at The Black House, and its many re-releases.

While the liner notes on later versions cite the influence this album had on heavy metal bands, their imagery and lyrics, there is no rock music here. It’s old-timey music, classical music, carnival music. It’s LaVey’s music, and it’s there to support and enhance the ritual texts. The original pressing admonishes the listener to darken the room, burn black candles, envision the celebrants as the Mass is performed. This album was meant as an experience as well as a revelation about the true nature of Satanism. Like the philosophy that spawned it, it works only for a select few. It would have never been a chart buster or top of the pops. But it did change the world.

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