Metal Breakfast Radio

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1
“In this mechanised clash of empires…”
This show has been sat in the can awaiting release for a long time. So it gets a good dust off, and given a oily rub down. The last show recorded together before the lockdown started, and sadly the last one in the Gibbon room at Bob’s work, which has since closed. Good friend Laurs joins in once more as a guest to provide a fearsome foursome, and hilarity ensues. On this episode you’ll hear:
Reactions to not cutting things off.
Viking buttock death and crust-stroking Italians.
Cheese-string theory causes Hawking to twirl in his grave.
Rogga Johansson: Who is this guy?
Strawberry flavour box sets, like an overcooked pop tart.
A repeat of a Rabbiting Review from Big Mark, as time was a bit wibbly-wobbly.
Barbie drumsticks.
Welcome to Denmark! Here, drink this snaps.
Mads, the Danish cock magnet.
Haggis is just for the tourists.
The scent of the 1970’s.
And finally, the beer bill.
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